Wednesday, February 9, 2011


    So yesterday was the oldest munchkins birthday and we met dad at Chik-Fil-A to go over serious Flanders business. The most important item discussed was the executives meeting scheduled for next year-in Hawaii! This started us into laughing hysterics. Dad and I always seem to find outlandish ideas and statements the most funny things in the universe. I can remember us rolling on the floor when I was younger because of someone saying something about a tornado, barn and airplane(inside joke I guess).

    However, when we finally started getting serious we worked on sending a few orders and looking at the new line of products available from The Flanders Mercantile: Unearthed! Treasures dad has discovered underground. I have many memories of dad roaming around a park, field or old house with large headphones on, swinging around a Garrett metal detector. We always have fun looking through his finds. On this occasion two sets of little hands were "helping" us look through the treasures on their breaks from the play area. We were most excited about the Chevy Vega emblem he found while unearthing treasure in some interesting place. Also the ancient Avon metal lipstick tube in the color Betsy Ross Red. Fun to look through and fun to talk about who might have dropped or buried the items.

The Flanders are at it again!

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