Monday, September 26, 2011

First Egg: Part 2

What did we do with those first few eggs?

                                                                  Gorgeous golden creamy yolks!

                                                                          One for you and one for me!

Serve it With More Toast and Current Jam....Don't forget the Glass of Milk!

Added Bonus Game of:  I SPY

Can you find one farm fresh yolk hidden among the store bought eggs???????

Friday, September 23, 2011

First Egg

Thanks to our lovely Rhode Island Red hen appropriately named "Red"; we now have a working farm!
We were all so excited to hold this warm, brown wonder in our hands and ooh and ahh over it for quite a while.

All the care and cleaning of these funny birds is worth every minute and penny when we factored in the awe of seeing and feeling that first egg. Such a magical experience for both the adults and kids alike. We're hoping that finding the eggs never becomes a chore or something boring. Right now we
can't imagine a day when we won't jump up and down and celebrate when we find an egg tucked into a special nest that one of our "girls" designed for it.....


The Hen
Chicken needs me every day
I give her food and water
When I let her out to play
She prefers the teeter totter
She catches bugs around my yard
I run to catch them with her
I love her very much you see
We have such fun, my hen and me!