Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The First Shiner!

I finally was granted my crazy wish of having a black eye. I told my husband that I also wanted a blue fingernail because that signifies that you are tough and that you work hard with your hands. A black eye is a symbol that you are tough stuff... or that you have just been headbutted by a TWO-YEAR old!!! My sweet little guy did not do it on purpose but certainly had mommy crying buckets after whipping back with his hard head to my eye. So much for tough stuff. Now I crave to never have symbols of working hard and being tough  but just to get through life peacefully and bruise-free. That would be nice, eh?

Building the Eiffel Tower(almost)

We've had a great houseguest this week and have been working on some amazing projects. I just was wondering aloud, "How does he know how to build that?" My father-in-law is visting and he makes Norm Abram seem like a real person to me. Watching Norm on TV and then seeing people like my dad and father-in-law build things is two very different experiences. Of course Norm can build a super sweet curio cabinet with dovetailed everything(he has a professional crew hidden in that attic and Ty Pennington standing behind the curtain) BUT my dad and now father-in-law just go out in MY yard and build picnic tables, sheds, doors, lean-to's, you name it and they can make it. I cherish the skills they are passing on to me by allowing me in on this process. Maybe Norm really can build all those things on his own. Thanks builders! You are awesome!

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