Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well I have suddenly had a stunning realization. The kind that hit's you over the head and makes you sit down a while and ponder deeply....and here it is: Texas is HOT in the summer. Shocking right? So we strive on through heat exhaustion, dehydration and severe bouts of crabbiness at the Flanders Mercantile. Creativity is at a standstill, almost. However, there have been minor glimpes showing up when things seem to be at their worst. Check out the pantry!!!!

Who knew something excellent could come from all this blasted heat.

Just lovely, and so much fun! In fact I've decided to provide a step-by-step just in case anybody out there was interested in the creative process behind this spiffy cabinet......

1. Find shutter-style closet doors in someone's trash out by the curb.

2. Find discarded pegboard in your neighbors trash out at the curb.

3. Tell father-in-law of your plans to make found trash into pantry treasure.

4. Provide father-in-law with ice cold Cokes while he masterminds and makes base of pantry.

5. When father-in-law has to leave make plans to enlist dad's help in finishing the cabinet.

6. Provide dad with sage wisdom on the matter of hinges when he starts to suffer from heat

7. Find sweet husband with amazing painting skills and get him to turn ugly shell into a thing of

8. Help above husband put pantry in it's home on the wall and hold knobs while he drills them in place
    and therefore finishes off the pantry

And Voila! There you have it. Thanks to the 3 most amazing men who helped turn my little idea into a big reality!