Friday, February 4, 2011

The Museum of Ceramics Makes My Day

So today was a great day to dance around and sing that I received an email from the Museum of Ceramics. I didn't even know such a thing could exist until I tried to identify this crazy old crock I found in a trash pile. I consider myself a tad bit knowledgeable on internet sleuthing but nothing I did worked on this item! 

So I emailed the experts thinking that it was a shot in the dark that anybody would ever get back with me. The director of the museum emailed me back the next day! We know from the markings on the bottom that the crock was made by Knowles, Taylor and Knowles in the early 1900's but even the lady from the museum said in her email that she hadn't seen anything like it before! So fun. I still don't know what it is- she asked for more pictures and is forwarding it on to people on her email list who should know. Something about this whole process has made me giddy. Who would have known that the Museum of Ceramics could make your day? And even without answering my question but just knowing that they care about the ancient art of pottery- it's amazing!

Here's their link:

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