Friday, January 20, 2012


   A while back we found an amazing curbside discovery: A heavy duty hardwood bunk bed that needed a little love to make it shine. BUT, that's another story! Under that pile of bunk bed and various other lumber we found a piece of an old door that included the antique knobs. This instantly intrigued us all and we had a number of discussions on the future of this interesting piece. Finally, we concluded that it couldn't be anything other than a shelf! That is what it was destined to be! Also, those dowels sticking out at either end had to be pegs for the shelf, right? Of course! When the chief Flander finished this beauty and brought it in to mount on the wall.....oh my! It is so wonderful! Rustic, functional and charming.

    But alas, all was not to be well. Because we had to share this with the world! After I selfishly kept the first shelf to be mine for all time, we went about making 2 more from old door jams we reclaimed from the landfill. These were embellished(this may be the problem) with antique silver forks for holding a picture or a note and sent off the Canton flea market to shock the world with their presence..... However, despite our confidence, these beauties did not even receive a glance much less an inquiry!?! How can this be? Are we the only ones who can be enamored with such rustic charm? Can it be that we tried too hard with the embellishments and the shiny finish that we ended up taking that special charm right out? I suspect this might be the case- that and the fact that it is SO hard to take good pictures of shelves. :)


Don't worry though, we Flemish artists don't give up that easily. Even now we are hatching plans on how to get this masterpiece out to the world.....or maybe we might be eating cookies and watching the Muppet's.....

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